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Diary of a Clan Leader: Micromanagement and Interaction

Perhaps, one of the most basic of all clan leaders is micromanaging. As you can see, Perfect World has a maximum of 200 members and with that number, it would be fairly difficult to handle all of them. Being a leader does not generally mean that you have to handle everything yourself, it means you supervise and decide which course of action to take are generally beneficial for the group you are leading. And so, micromanaging comes in. This is where you will assign an individual or several groups of people to handle something in your group. That way, you can do all your duties and at the same time, never leaving your members hanging in the air.

Interaction with the group is beneficial as well. Sometimes, you have to go down from your “throne” and learn to interact with your members. It promotes loyalty and gives some inspiration. Promoting interaction with members will also make the bond stronger amongst the members. It would be best if leaders can promote some sort of exercise for this, such as team building activities.

That being said, it would seem that the clan is doing just fine. Imagine us, being bombarded with attacks that will make us lose a territory almost every week and yet the clan is still going strong. No one left the clan with the reason that we are generally getting weaker. Actually, that’s far from it.

Every week in Perfect World, we have this activity called territorial wars. It is an event where we test our mettle against other clans beside us as they try and take our territories. Also, we have a chance to take their territory as well.

Two weeks ago, we have achieved the impossible. For two hours, we have defended two territories from two major clans. It was a close victory. Fortunately, even losing one territory, the spirits of the members were not crushed. In fact, it inspired them. Due to that event, the number of applicants to join our clan even rose. Several clans have even asked us to our extension. Unfortunately, as overwhelming as it may sound, we are still not yet ready to take on a huge leap in expanding.

Until then.

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