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The iPod Touch Tragedy

I bought an iPod touch last August 30, 2008. I was having fun with it and installed new apps. I even jailbreak it for me to install other open source apps and it was great. I have lots of apps in my ipod touch now making it mode like a Digital Assistant rather than an MP3 player. As my house is equipped with WiFi, I can now browse the internet anywhere I like even in the bathroom as I take a crap.

No. I know what you're thinking. I DID NOT DROP MY IPOD TOUCH IN THE TOILET.

It's much worse than that.

September 6, 2008 marks the day the Second Generation iPod Touch was launched...

Holy Crap.

1 week ago, my iPod touch was the "in" gadget and now it's just yesterday's news. What's worse is that it has a speaker and a lovely volume control at the side. Fortunately, the speakers all crappy and the volume control is a bit hard to push. What irked me is that the price is considerably lower than the first generation iPod Touch but that remains to be proven.

I haven't checked the iCenter in Davao yet but if it really lower than the 1G ipod Touch.

I'll... I'll... Cry.

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