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A Blog Post at the Airport

One hour from now, my plane will start boarding. I wasn't really expecting going to Manila this year. However, my friend Rob made that possible. November last year was my last visit to Manila as a representative for Tiger server for the Level Up! Live 2007. My time there was quite limited and the pressure of the tournament made my stay a bit unsatisfying. I wanted to talk to people more and meet the people in-game.

This year was not exactly a good year for me as a tournament participant. We lost the server finals and I was thinking that I will never meet my clan mates. Fortunately, God is good. Losing the tournament opened up several possibilities of actually meeting and socializing with my clan mates.

Everyday I thank God for the blessings He has given me. I thank Him all the time for giving me wonderful friends. Even though we are islands apart, the internet made it closer than it will ever be.

Though we must admit, in the internet, you will have many friends. Many will be forgotten and will simply move on, but there are friends that will still be your friend when everything goes offline.


alquanna said...

Doesn't sound like you. LOL :P

The Doctor said...

Which simply means you don't know me that well :)