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Crazy Dream #1: The Kidnapping

This dream happened after I have finished all of my Video editing. It seems that I am a Video Director in this dream and I was shooting a scene with my friend Steffy. Then suddenly she was kidnapped with a guy wearing a mask. I looked into his eyes and noticed a resemblance to one of my PW friends, Bryan. I started chasing the guy who seems to have placed Steffy somewhere as I could not see him carrying anything.

After a while, I bumped into two of my PW friends, Rob and the supposed-to-be kidnapper, Bryan, I then asked Bryan if he was the one who took Steffy away but Bryan answered that it's impossible because Rob and Bryan were singing in a video-oke machine for quite some time now.

The scene quickly changes as a familiar face was laughing. I immediately slapped the back of his head but the weird thing was I felt it, behind MY head.

Then I woke up...

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OrientCoyote said...

LOL! this is indeed one of the funniest and craziest dream I've heard/read.