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Goodbye Lappy Top

I missed my Laptop. It was in July when I brought it to the computer company. I asked them to install a new ram but suddenly, when they installed it, it burned and my LCD was ruined. So they said they would cover the cost of the LCD. I agreed to it.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, there was no lappy. I started worrying but the ASUS service center said that such things would take a while to be replaced since the bezel and the panel should be replaced. Those two parts needs to be ordered first.

After two months, here it is, my laptop. There was no Windows since my hard disk was stolen along with my laptop bag. I installed a Windows XP with Vista GUI windows. I'm glad it worked out great.

Unfortunately, with my new PC and all, my lappy top is now obsolete. So he became my brother's bestfriend. But I will come back for my lappy top, when I have bought a gaming pc for my brother.

A Low end spec that can smoothly run FlyFF.

We will meet again, my lappy top.

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Seph said...

Wee, talagang Flyff pa rin ang lil bro mo doc.