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Google Books!

It was a long time a go when my love for books has begun to dwindle. A walk to the library is quite tiring and renting books is such a drag. However, Google has invented something magnificent once more. Out of the Google Labs, here comes Google Books. It's like an online library for books on which you can browse... for free! Unfortunately, there is a catch, some books are for previews only and cannot be downloaded, but there are other books that you can easily download and read on your computer.

Some books are available for preview that will give you a better look on what to expect on the book. If you like it, you can always buy it on your favorite bookstore.

A friend of mine even used Google books for her papers and she can easily cite them.

Should we say goodbye to good old paper on the near future?

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alquanna said...

Even if I use that for my papers, no. Mahirap mag-notes minsan sa pc, and not everyone has access to one. So paper would still be around for a while.