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Manila Preparation Phase Part 1: Getting the Ticket

Title sounds formal? LoL.

Anyway, I have 3 objectives in my Davao trip. First is to get my plane ticket, second is to update my wardrobe, and third is to get, as much as embarrassing to admit it, a "facial."

My first objective was quite easy. All I have to do is present a code my friend gave me and the ticket will immediately be given to me. However, when I entered the office, there are lots of people waiting. I looked around and I noticed a huge number LED board.

It immediately occurred to be to get a number. Unfortunately, there were no priority numbers. I had to wait for the priority numbers to be refilled. It's quite ironic. Minutes later, I finally got the ticket... the priority number ticket...

It read, 107.

The LED board... was 91.

It wasn't so bad, I thought. Since it's quite near already. Unfortunately, to my horror, each number takes a while before another number is called out.

It took me about 2 hours to be called and, ironically, the process only took me 5 minutes. =/

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