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Manila Preparation Phase Part 2: The Wardrobe

So the ticket waiting was already annoying to say the least,but I guess I could let that pass. Next on the list was the update on my wardrobe. I'm not really a fashion nut at all and updating my wardrobe only happens a few times in one year. Normally, you see the same clothes about 3-4 times per month or atleast once per week.

Last Friday night, I began checking my clothes. Ever since I slimmed down a bit, I didn't get to check which pants can fit and which polo can fit. I guess that Friday night is the best night.

As I was rummaging some clothes on my clothes. I noticed something. It was the first time I have felt it in my entire life. It was the first time I actually said to myself, "I needed new clothes." Don't get me wrong, I have many clothes that looks fantastic on me, however, my Perfect World character influenced me somehow.

So I went to Collezione in SM Davao and looked for clothes. I asked for my size and I dared to ask for a smaller size as well. I was thinking that if that smaller size tore apart when I wear it, I think I can shell out some extra dough.

I'm glad I did dare for a size smaller. I was extremely happy to find out that I had gone down 1 size. I guess some exercises proved worthy for me and there is a glint of hope that I would actually lower my weight more.

There is always hope.

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