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Manila Preparation Phase Part 3: The Dermatologist

Lots of my friends have suggested that I get a facial. They say it will definitely improve your face texture since it deep cleanse your face. I'm not exactly metro sexual or a kind of person who worries about my physical appearance too much. However, I am quite curious about the process, so I decided to have my facial before I start going to school again.

My Manila trip was suddenly planned, so I scheduled my facial a bit early as planned.

So the process began with a cream application on my face. I guess it was some sort of moisturizing cream. After three different applications of creams, the dermatologist pointed some steaming gadget on my face. This made me very uncomfortable because I felt like drowning in that mist. I tend to look away from the direction of the mist every now and then to breathe deeply.

After that there was this suction device being poked at my face. I feel like some dirt off my skill was being vacuumed away.

"So this is it?" I thought.

However, it was not IT. Here comes the painful part. The dermatologist was poking something at my face. It was quite painful and it felt like parts of my skin were being pinched finely. It went back and forth in my face and I kinda flinched whenever it was too painful.

Still the process finished and I survived it.

I guess this is all for now. Next time I'll tell tales about my 1 week manila trip :D

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