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Online Games: Unstability, Romance, and All that Jazz

In online games, we have friends. These friends that will help you and support you in anyway they can to help you achieve your goals. However, there is one problem. There are times that the person you helped becomes unstable and will eventually quit. Hearing the word "quit" is really quite disheartening due to the fact that there was no consideration taken on what your friends might feel. Specially the ones the you have greatly supported and never asked anything in return except their presence in-game.

As a clan master, a leader, such events are not a stranger to me. Most of the time I go an extra mile just to help my friends out, only to find out sooner that after achieving their goals they will quit and sell their characters. What hurts the most is that they are immediately dismissing the fact that there are people who helped build that character.

What about in-game romance? It's another factor to stability.

Love makes us stupid. This is a well known fact.

Although there are a few people that can handle romantic problems, there are others that can dismiss the people around him/her and do things that they will eventually regret later.

This is the disease amongst online gamers. Even though there are EB's and such, friendship through online game does not transcend any boundaries unless you will be meeting each other frequently, however this happens extremely rare.

The sad truth about online friendship: You became friends online, it will end online.

And so, it begs the question to you my friend, if the online game suddenly dissapears, will your friendship dissapear as well?


OrientCoyote said...

Hmmm who could that possibly be?

Not entirely true, friend. I'll be here when everything goes offline. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Soul-searching? =p

Anonymous said...

doc andito pa naman kami... hehe

joeltan said...

Too true. I guess it's the same as, hmmm, chatting. I had so many online friends, with most of these friendships built on days upon days of what I thought was chatting our hearts out. Alas, some friendships made this way turn sour faster than your last meal.

I'm an optimist, though, and will always see the best in people in any situation. So I see these friends as still, well, friends.

Seph said...

If the friendship is true, it won't end there.

I've had met a lot of people in-game, since the birth of Ragnarok. And from my experience, it was from that game whom I've gained friends who didn't become indifferent even if we all stopped playing and moved on with our lives. Most of them, I've still got contacts with until now.

However, sad to say, that there are some, yun pa ngang iba yung you've really trusted irl stuffs about you, sila pa yung nagdidrift away and then putting a wall between you two and/or accusing you of being negligent just because you ceased going online or something and you've been busy doing things irl.

But as for me, I still consider them as friends, since they've become a part of my life. Regardless of them still considering me as one of theirs or not anymore.

Ironic, yes, but maybe that's how things go. Really bites.

Cheers doc, ^^ for being a good friend.