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An Interesting Passage from Plurk

5 Things to Consider when being angry

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#1. Ang naunang magalit ang may karapatang magalit. Pag naunahan ka na ng galit niya, tumahimik ka na lang muna. (The person who became angry first has the right to be angry. If he/she was the first one to become angry you should keep quiet.)

#2. Walang taong nag-aaway mag-isa. Pag hindi kayo sumagot o pumatol, titigil din daw ang taong nakikipag-away sainyo. (No one gets angry alone. If you didn't reply to his/her angry arguments, he/she will stop being angry.)

#3. Ang taong galit, ‘bingi.’ (If someone is angry, s/he is deaf. so don’t try to explain and fight back. He won't understand anyone but him/herself.)

#4. Ang taong galit, ‘abnormal.’ (You should also know and realize that the persons who make your day bad are jewel, because you need them for you to mature.)

#5. Finally, the best part of this is to tell yourself because of this person, “I will grow mature,” and that because of his/her invaluable CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR MATURITY, KUKUNIN DIN SYA NI LORD. (The lord will take his/her life away)

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