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I think this blog entry is long overdue. It has been two weeks since I went to Manila. One week is really a short span of time but enough memories that I will recall every day of my life. However, that one week is quite costly but still worth every penny.

First of all, it’s all thanks to Rob. He was the one who actually made my trip happen, because one of the problems that was hindering me to come to Manila was solved when he let me stay in his home in Muntinlupa. He also accompanied me to the places I need to be, which saved me from getting lost in that big city. I plan to return the favor though by letting him stay in my apartment in Davao… Well once I get my very own pad which takes forever searching for one.

So, how it all began? First there was a flight. I was beginning to get a little dramatic when I posted that blog post. It was one of those moments which seems to take over when you are waiting for something. The trip was important to me because it is the chance I get to meet most of the people that I am leading. Some of you may ask, why not next year? Well, next year is uncertain. There might be a time where I may no longer be the clan master of my clan or many of us has moved on to another game. The year 2008 was the year that Exiled is at its peak and the bond is tight. It’s not that Exiled will be disbanding soon, but this year holds many challenges for us and such challenges will test the mettle of the clan whether or not it will hold. Before we reach that point in our lives, it would be nice if we could enjoy everything for the time being. Atleast, when everything becomes bleak and out of hope, we will remember those moments that we are together and will give us the courage to hold on.

So that pretty much sums up my Manila trip.

That one week is all about the people, the people that I cared for more than my own. The people of which I sacrificed a little bit of my time to make my clan survive against all odds. But it was not all me as well, it was my officers who helped me hold on to the clan. It was also a trip to thank my friends who helped me and supported me even though we are miles apart. And finally, it was a trip to thank them for being a wonderful part of my life.


alquanna said...

Arjay, kukuha na ba kami ng tissue? :P

The Doctor said...

Oist minsan lang ako magseryoso. Be nice. XD