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The Wrong Signs

You see, there is this girl I met on the internet. We had some fun times together. Sometimes when I have nothing else to do, I’ll contact her and ask if she’s bored and want to go out. We usually watch a movie together and eat at KFC afterwards.

It’s been months since we went out together but our communication is still going strong. Most of the times I would forward jokes and ask what she is doing and text about stuff. Sometimes, she’s too lazy to text and would go online on Yahoo and we will chat for hours.

Our communication became frequent as my internet is going haywire. I was texting her about stuff that happened in my life so far and stuff that happened in her life. However, something happened that severed our connection completely.

[Translated into English]

Me: You know what? I have some important thing you need to know. It might make you happy or make you sad. Hehehehehe.
She: Let me say it for you.
Me: *thinking* How could she know?
She: You see, you’re a nice guy and all but I don’t see you nothing more as a friend.
Me: Eh?
Me: I feel the same way, why the need for that? O_O I was about to tell you “I’m going back to Davao this coming semester. So I’ll even bother you more. >:)”

She didn’t reply.

Then it dawned to me. I’m actually doing somewhat the same treatment to all my friends, Female or Male.

Oh crap! What if...



Michael Jabile said...

Doc just to let you know I don't feel the same way as well... Kidding!

Funny how some people misinterpret our actions. At least ngayon alam na niya :D

Althaea said...

That is one funny yet embarrassing misunderstanding. o_o"

Oh well, **** happens. :D

"Kaskaserang Tasya" said...

Nyahaha nice lesson for everyone not to assume (and volunteer) about someone else's feelings (^_^)