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Trip is a word has a different meaning in both English and Filipino. In English speaking individuals, trip simply means travelling no matter how near or far. In Tagalog, it means something that you are interested in doing or doing something just for kicks.

December of 2008 when I finally pushed through the half of a year’s worth in writing in Game! Magazine. The sum is pretty much good and enough to buy me a new computer. Out on a whim, an idea struck me. Why not have a vacation of a lifetime? After this summer I’ll be pretty much swamped with schoolwork and such relaxing vacation may be too far off. I decided to have a vacation that I’ve been dreaming of for years, a stay in Manila without anything to think about other than myself and my friends. Sounds pretty selfish? Well, yeah it is. But I think I deserve something for myself once in a while. Besides, this will be the last time I will be able to do this alone. Some of you might be wondering, why not the beach or some quiet countryside.

My Friends, I am from Davao. If I wanted to go on a beach escapade, all I need is a Taxi ride and a boat fare. If I wanted to go on a countryside-ish place, all I have to do is ride a van towards my home in Kabacan, Cotabato. So there, a vacation to Manila is all I needed. I can taste the different cuisines from different restaurants and visit the Mecca of Computers, Gilmore. During this trip, I can also visit the different gaming companies that I write for and meet the people behind the game.

So what happened during my tip? This is just an introduction. More posts to come.

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