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Wanna Know a Secret?

For years and years people have been applying this secret to make their lives better. Some say that it's actually poppy cock but I disagree. It may be in the form of religion or karma or just believing something, but the secret is always there, always applied one way or the other. All my life, I've been applying something in my life that keeps it from going downhill. It has saved me countless of times but couldn't really make what's going on. It's the secret.

So I watched a certain documentary called "The Secret" just for kicks. Upon watching this documentary, something within me has been enlightened. I have been doing this secret long before I can remember. It's called "The Law of Attraction," if you believe or wish something hard and long enough, it will happen. You must not hold back or think negatively on this otherwise you'll have a hard time making this come true. I don't really know how it works but I am a living testament that it works most of the time. I can list down the things that can affirm this theory and it will really take quite a space. In short, believe and think positive and everything will fall into place.

You might be thinking that this is a lot of bull. However, true or not, thinking positive can never hurt anyone. Applying such method into your life is more beneficial than thinking all the negativity you can muster.

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