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June has been one of the promising months for me as I am now purging myself all the negative things in my personality. I am slowly adapting to this new life and I am living and let’s say it’s been working out very well for me, to say the least. I have forgotten to have this feeling a long time. I was busy thinking for other people and failed to think for myself. As selfish as this may sound, I’ve been neglecting myself this past few months pretty much because I have been thinking for others.

Well no more, this time. I have come to realize that people who need help will ask for help if they need it. All I have to do is sit back and relax and help myself become happy. As selfish as this may sound, it has been a liberating experience to help yourself rather than helping others who does not really give much appreciation to your efforts.

Of course, I will not turn my back on people who really needs me but I will limit myself to helping them help themselves rather than spoon feeding them.

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