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I hate Father's Day

All over the television, the malls, the radio, and even the internet is buzzing “Happy Father’s Day,” and I am beginning to get sick of it. Why? Because there is no reason for me to celebrate such day for me. As you might have guessed, I grew up without a father beside me. My family is pretty messed up right now. To make the story short, my mother and my “father” is undergoing annulment right now and pretty much the following week, I will be testifying against my “father” in the court. I will represent my brothers as I am the only son in legal age.

What will I say? The whole truth and nothing but the truth. HE WAS NEVER A FATHER TO ME. All my life with him I only experienced inferiority like I did nothing right. Even though I achieved something to make my parents proud, never did I hear him say Congratulations. He never gave me any words of encouragement when I joined competitions. And finally, he did not give any fatherly advice whenever I needed it. I even had an accident during my highschool and the first thing he asked was, “Kumusta yung scooter? [How was the scooter?]”

I know what most of the people will say, he was too busy to show it. My friends, he was never too busy nor busy at all. He was, most of the time, laying there inside his room sleeping and watching television.

I’m glad I am testifying against this pathetic person who happens to be my “father.”

However, there is one thing I am grateful for. He is not my real father.

My real father? Even though he wanted to be my father but was never given a chance, I will still cherish those days I was with him. That was the first and the last brief moments of my life that I ever experienced that I had a father. The lessons of which he taught me that I should never be mean at those people that were not blessed with a good family and a good life. It is a lesson to which I hold dear to my heart this very day.

What is it like to have a father? Will I be a better person if I had a father when I grew up? These questions will never be answered.

That I why I hate Father’s day. It’s a day that will remind me what is missing in my life that I will never get.


ms. kathie said...

i was in the same boat. it's not easy... "sins of our fathers?" or in my case my late father...

in general though i hate the commercialization of things that are supposed to be meaningful, such as mother's day, christmas, my birthday... its gawdawful really!

Anonymous said...

maybe try asking yourself:
"am i gonna be a great dad?"

don't dwell too much on what has passed. try thinking you'll not turn out to be him when it's your turn.

God bless.

The Doctor said...

Thanks for the comments.

I am thinking about it. I'm sure as hell I'll be a greater father than him.