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It’s June!

June is here and you know what it means? Well, it’s classes time but I haven’t really enrolled yet. I’ve been waiting for my stale checks from Game! Magazine to be reissued. Problem with living in islands away from the office is that I am not able to pick up the checks in time. During 2007, my checks at Game! Magazine pretty much piled up. When I tried collecting it, half of it was already stale so it has to be reissued. Until now, they have never been reissued and it bothers me since I won’t be able to enroll this first semester without it. Good luck to me on that.

Anyway, past that, this month I will be quite busy. Until now I have not yet finalized the events for our clan, Exiled since there are personal problems that has risen. I have to sort that out first before doing my in-game priorities.

What else happened? Well, I’m gonna tell that in another day. This is just an update to tell everyone that I am still alive. I have to fill this blog often since I have to sharpen my “writing skills” since it’s becoming pretty rusty lately.

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