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Pondering about Anger

Not too long ago, i plotted revenge on someone. It began to eat me inside as day after day I became irritable to that person. And then one day, I sat down and something hit me. I began to ask myself rationally on what was I thinking.

I am a person of patience. However, not all the time. The lack of care or inappropriateness of that person has really irked me.

Or maybe he does not know what he is doing.

I should be the one who needs to be more understanding because in the end he is just doing what he thinks he is supposed to do. It is part of his task.

Sometimes, we should not let our anger be in control of our logic. Once we surrender to anger our way of thinking becomes flawed and everything falls out of place.

I have come to realize that I should be the one helping rather than be the one causing problems. Since I can understand what is wrong with the picture, I can be patient enough to let it pass and offer guidance and help if needed.

I did and I feel a lot better.

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