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Web comic: Sinfest

This month, our Lab Professor required us to blog about Manga or any other webcomics. I decide to be a little deviant in the limited choices I have since I am not really a fan of Anime. Sure I could just post some regular old popular mangas online such as Naruto and Bleach, but that would be too redundant wouldn't it? So let's start with some of the "unpopular" ones. By unpopular, I mean, totally not known by most of my classmates.

Readers of my blog, I give you. Sinfest.

Sinfest is a webcomic written and drawn by the Japanese-American comic strip artist Tatsuya Ishida. The web comic is like the mixture of eastern and western drawing styles since most often times, it looks like a manga. However, the web comic is not limited or do not strictly follow manga drawing style.

The author releases one web comic per day and has a special colored comic every sunday. If you're a first time reader of this comic, it is suggested to read the very first one since you can get the idea of the characters. Besides, I assure you it will be a good stress reliever.

Sinfest might be distasteful to very religious people. However, it's just a comic which deals with contemporary issues and religion*. It is not really that harmful as some people thinks.

Here is one sample:

Introduced in the comic strip above is Slick. Slick is a small guy with a big cravings for girls. He is also a self-proclaimed "pimp." He is usually going out and trying to pursuade Monique to have sex with. However, the attempts were always a failure. Still, they're good friends (or enemies).

Monique on the other hand is an attractive girl in the strip. She is usually depicted as the "love interest" for Slick but she doesn't have feelings for Slick at all. She does, however, have an interest on other unnamed "cuties" in the strip. She is very bitchy but can be reflective oftentimes. Sometimes, she talks to "God" about certain issues.

There are other characters in the comic as well, but I won't really bore you with much of the details.

Here's the website link:

* - tagline

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