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Who is Jacque / Jackie Bermejo?

As I was reading some articles in the internet, I came across this name, Jacque Bermejo. This OFW worker has recently posted a comment in Facebook that really irked most, if not all, Filipinos. What was the comment? 

Jacque Bermejo
“buti n lng am hir in dubai! Maybe so many sinners bak der!so yeah deserving wat hapend!”

Image below:

She was referring to the recent Typhoon “Ondoy” which claimed many lives and flooded many streets/towns here in the Philippine. Yes, the comment was indeed very insensitive. But what came after was more vicious than the comment posted. Hours later, her picture is all over the internet and hurtful comments were posted in her myspace and all other blogsites. 

I understand what she said will spark something violent among us Filipinos. But do they really have to let go and post insensitive, hurtful, and damaging comments as well? We should not judge the person, instead wouldn’t it be better to forgive Jacque Bermejo and help the people who were affected by the storm? This is a time of crisis, we should be directing our energy on prayers or giving help to the needy. Anger is also a sin my friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am also angered by what Ms. Bermejo said, but who are we to judge? Let karma takes its toll.

Also a blog became a little bit "impartial" with regards to the issue (Even though the link is... not so impartial). It says that the account was hacked by some person, however, I am not convinced with the reason that she was "hacked." I think it would be better for her to just come out and say sorry for what she said even though she was "hacked" because those insensitive comments still came out from her account and basically she is also responsible for the safety of her account. 

I’m not proud of this, but I can’t help but also laugh at the funny edited pics. =/


Rai said...

I'm sorry, Doc, I had a really long comment but it was starting to look longer than the post, so I had to cut most of it. >.<

Really, all I want to say is, she deserves the wrath she wrought. Classic case of "Kung wala kang masabing matino..."

And hacked? Please.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of if you don't want to upload this comment, its ok I understand. But please read it at least. I read this blog a little bit late, maybe the hate has already died down. But I cannot help but write a few words in defense of my friend. I have worked with her a few years back in Makati for about 4 years so I know her quite a bit. She is prank but she is not "mataray". She is sensitive to others and not stupid. She speaks good english and is a dedicated employee and a good friend. I do not believe she did it...but you well as Rai. I believe it was hacked...but you don' well as Rai. But if the CIA can be hacked...and the website of the our government is can believe it, don't you? I know it is a very emotional issue that deserve a very emotional response...but it in an intelligent way. Let us not go back into the times when people kill first and ask questions later. This is the way internet blogging seems to be going.

The Doctor said...

I fail to understand how my blog post is not "intelligent" in your terms. Hacking is really a broad word and I do not think that the "hacker" of your terms could really hack some random person. Who is Jackie Bermejo anyway? Is she an important person that a hacker needs to waste his talents to? I do not believe so. In this case, the hacker you are referring to is some Filipino friend/enemy who happen to find out her password because of her neglect. Kindly read my whole post if this is another hate post.

I still stand by my belief that she is also at fault here. It may be that she posted an insensitive comment or she neglected to secure her own account.