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Will You Give In?

High school has been one of the most interesting part of my life because it taught me how to cheat in exams. I have looked back in my high school days and I am simply not proud of some of the things I have done. However, cheating is simply just some sort of distraction to your examination. Furthermore, cheating is also a distraction from your source.

As I was in UPLB, many “cheating” high “schoolers” will be culture shocked as cheating is heavily punished. As a cheater myself, I was compelled to study on my own. It paid off as I did not need any help with anything when it comes to exams. I just sit down, take the exam, answer it and pass it without any hassle. As I transferred to Davao Doctors College, cheating is also heavily punished but there are lax professors that let their students cheat.

As I transferred to AMACC (Davao Campus), it’s almost the same as in Davao Doc. To protect myself and the teacher (because a student got suspended for posting something bad about teachers in facebook), I will not say the subject and the teacher. 

It was our exams and the teacher did not come up to our room. Instead, the teacher sent a student to write the exam in the boards. Without the teacher, many of us thought that we should do this exam in group effort. However, I was not really into “group efforts” since, modesty aside, my classmates think that I am the only one who can answer the exam. Still I told them sternly that I am willing to teach them but I will not let them copy my answers. Some frowned. Some almost rejected me as a friend.

Peer pressure can be hard thing, especially among friends. But you know what? I wanted to give them the answers. But as selfish as it may sound, I find it unfair that you simply give them an easy way to pass whereas you worked hard in studying. Also, what will happen when I am not around to give answers?

I want to save them from failing but passing college through “group effort” is not the way to go. Each of us must learn to survive alone. Still, if they need help in understanding the lessons, I’m here. I’ll help them get through it legitimately because that’s what friends are for. 

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