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Hum02 Final Exam - Short Film and some Updates

So, finals is here and projects keep piling up. However, I am still here and not giving up for I know that sooner or later all of these will be over and I will have my well-deserved rest.

Last Saturday, March 20, 2010 we shot our final exam in Humanities 02. It was a bit of a stressful day since everything was not really planned out. I mean, the plot was from a dream and the camera work was done without an actual storyboard. I think we did well. Even though it has some imperfections, I think we can have a high mark for this. The video and more of the story after the jump.

Oh and... I have updated my photo album with regards to the PE night 2010 :)

If you are interested how this video came to be then please read on after the video.

I was not joking when this video came to me in a dream. I was in a dilemma one week prior and there are many stories that raced through my mind. My challenge was this, how to create a video where many can participate? You see, we were originally planning on a video that can be made by 6-10 people but our Hum02 instructor suggested to come up with a video for the whole class to participate.

Oddly enough, my story worked. We had fun. We enjoyed shooting. So there it is.

I hope you enjoy this. This is my first time filming and editing a video this long. XD

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