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The New Doctor: My Take about the 11th Doctor

(Note: Some parts of this article might be hard to understand if you heven't watched Doctor Who)
He looks different from what I have expected. The first time I saw him in the part 2 of the Doctor Who special, he was like copying David Tennant. It might be quite understandable because he just came from regeneration. More from this after the jump.

Come Season 5 Episode 1, I see him in a full episode. He is quite okay acting-wise in most parts but still I can't shake the feeling that he is imitating David Tennant. There are some parts of his acting that reminds me of him. But yes, it's his first episode so let's see in the future if he will improve.

Regardless of who The Doctor is, I will still watch the series until Stephen Moffat, my favorite Dr. Who writer, disappoints me.

And oh, I'm not liking the new title sequence. It's too classic and cloudy for my taste. Maybe it will grow on me...

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