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Many people ask, what is Why did I join it? I am a skeptic as you are but really, there is no harm in trying it. You simply join in by asking an invite from me, and yes, you can only register is someone invited you to join. Interesting enough for you? Read on after the jump.

Lockerz in a nutshell
It's like this, you do some stuff on the site (watch movies, answer daily question, and "sign the attendance") you get some PTZ or Points. These points will enable you to redeem it for something. You can choose from their lists of items which includes ps3, xbox 360, iPods, etc. Want to know more? Okay the FAQs are below. If you're convinced, you may submit your name and e-mail and I will send the invite as soon as I possibly can.

Is this real?
Plenty of users has proven its existence. However, I, myself have no proof whatsoever since I haven't tried redeeming. I don't have enough points. You can try looking in youtube and search "lockerz unboxing."

Does items arrive in the Philippines as well?
Yes, fortunately there are also some proof that Lockerz sends items here in the Philippines as well. If you want proof here are some of the Lockerz users in the Philippines. No I am not one of them yet.

How to get Pointz?
You simply need to watch in Play, invite users, sign the daily attendance, and answer the daily question. Soon there will be games to pass the time. Mind you the web clips there are quite okay.

How to redeem items?
You can redeem items once a month only. They will announce when.

In receiving the items, do we have to pay anything?
Yes, you have to pay the local tax for that item. However, there are no other cash that you have to shell out other than taxes.

How long do the items arrive?
According to some of the Lockerz members who has already claimed stuff. It will arrive 2-6 weeks prior to the confirmation.

Ready to try it out? Click here to go to the invite form

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