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Gibo Teodoro, the Philippine's Inspiration

Perhaps this will be my last post regarding the elections. I know that my timeline is full of Gibo here and Gibo there but believe me, after the indelible ink makes a mark in my finger, my political endorsement will stop. Instead, I will be a vigilant watcher of the elections. Win or lose, Gibo Teodoro will still be my hero, he was an advocate for everything I believed in. He was the political embodiment of everything I am now, from my beliefs and to my actions. I may not be a Harvard Graduate nor a bar topnotcher but I am good at what I do (a writer). I strive for excellence and with great determination yield great results.

Most people will think that everything will be back to normal once the election ends. But my guess is that it won't. With Gibo Teodoro's inspiring aura, many of the youth stood up and volunteered. Many of the youth became pro-active. With limited resources, many of the youth who volunteered for Gibo endured hardships with sheer determination and will to campaign for him. I believe that the people who were "touched" by Gibo Teodoro will do remarkable things to this nation and eventually the whole world. Who knew that Gibo would have this profound effect on the youth? But he did not just inspired the youth. He shook the Philippines with his intellect and charisma. During his campaign, nobody knew him, but in the end, many people eventually recognized him. He did not dwell on past accomplishments to boost his campaign, he did not parade his family, he did not even try discrediting his opponents. He focused on his platform for the Philippines in a detailed and realistic manner. He did not give any promises that are impossible and idealistic. Come to think of it, it was not merely a promise, but a plan.

However, this plan will not be commenced if he is not in the seat of power. Come May 10, 2010, let us put Gibo Teodoro in Malacanang.

He has inspired us greatly to become excellent and determined at what we do. Let him inspire more people and make Philippines a superb nation through his leadership!

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agnes legaspi said...

I really wish more Filipinos will recognize what a precious jewel GIBO is to our beloved country. He is someone I can see standing tall, shoulder to shoulder with other leaders in the international community, also keeping it real with our domestic issues and with his critical mind and his God fearing ways will lead us to a better Philippines!

He is my presidential bet and I am proud of my choice!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! God bless!