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It's Finally Over

Elections are now over, from this standpoint our new president is Noynoy Aquino and his Vice-President is Jejomar Binay. Although, I am very much disappointed with the results, I am still proud that I have elected the most qualified presidential candidate and that is Gibo Teodoro. As far as this election goes, I have already aired out my disappointment by saying statements all over the net calling the majority of the Filipinos, stupid, immature, and emotional. But then I realized, I was becoming one of them. Please allow me to explain.

I am a human being, and like human beings we commit mistakes. For a moment, I simply forgot what Gibo Teodoro stood for and that is positivity, humility, and intellect. If Gibo Teodoro could read my plurks, tweets, and hear my rants, he would be disappointed. One cannot simply become a mongrel overnight, but I did. I revered Gibo as a hero, heck I almost worshiped him that is why I was greatly disappointed and my judgement was clouded. But as an intellectual individual, one must realize that this shouldn't be the case. Once the elections is over, we should unite and support our president. I know many would despise me, but I have respected Arroyo. I never threw insults to her. She had her shining moments but never did the majority of the Filipino people see that. I also respected Erap because he also had some good moments too.

We, Filipinos, are negative people. Haven't we learned anything at all? It's always the opposition who is the hero and never the Philippine government. Instead of sitting our butts there complaining all the time, why not try to help? Let us be nation builders and not simply noisy bystanders. If we do not have anything constructive to say. Please. Shut up Philippines.

Gibo Teodoro is my hero. He taught me to become an even more productive person by voting who I think should be the next president. He also taught me that mudslinging can never do anything productive. Let us stop this madness and unite for a better Philippines.

I'm done with traditional politics.

For Mr. Aquino, please do not fail the Philippines. I now have my respect for you.

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