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My choice, Gibo Teodoro

Politics. This topic is making me distance from it for a long time. However, this particular election got me up and really participate. All the time I didn't care who will be my president, I just want to participate into something historic like the first ever automated elections. As I was screening for possible presidentiable vote just to vote for the said election, I came across lots of people. But something within me triggered.

As I was reading the internet, I began to realize that this is simply not an election where I would mindlessly vote for the popular one, this is something that I need to think about. Hours and hours of research, I came across Gilbert Teodoro aka Gibo, the standard bearer of GMA's party. I read his platform and fell in love with it. It's like reading a love letter from a perfect stranger and you got captivated by it. It was not a promise like those other politicians do. It was a plan.

That was the first striking impression. But I haven't decided that time. I was already thinking about Mar Roxas, Dick Gordon, and Gibo Teodoro. Then comes the day Mar announced that he was stepping down the presidential race. He was out of my list.

Why not Aquino? Drama king. Has not real accomplishments at all. End corruption? How? Duh.

Villar? Hell no. He does not strike me as an honest person.

Erap? Not a chance. I don't have to explain why.

Some unpopular choices? Erm.

Dick Gordon and Gibo Teodoro was left. As I was leaning towards Dick Gordon because of his accomplishments, I suddenly noticed something. He loves pictures. He loves media. Through the years, he was all over the news. He's even doing drama in media. I don't know, but that really seemed fake to me. Dick Gordon was out of my list. Don't get me wrong, but there are lots of reasons why I wouldn't vote for him. He's doing a little mudslinging of his own too. Most of all, most of his volunteers are abrasive (Take note, most, not everyone). Just recently, his outburst on NU 107 is not helping.

Gordon has no charisma at all. He's abrasive and frank in the wrong places. He's got the talent but a president also needs charisma. To attract investors, you need charisma. To talk to people, you need charisma.

Enter Gibo Teodoro. His platform is already his advantage so I decided to dig deeper. I can live without voting, you know.

I found out something. Something that made me like him further. He believes in positive campaigning. Most of his supporters do too. I believe in the positive. I shunned every negativity in my body and look what it has brought me. I was in control of my life and incredibly happy. I am a living testament that being positive can bring good things in life. I believe that having a positive president can bring good things to the Philippines as well. Enough negativity.

He's calm and collected when it comes to critics. He's smart and talented when it comes to debate. He's a master strategist when it comes to his platform. He has charisma. He has the charm. Plus a hot wife (Hehe).

Kidding aside, the question that is lingering in all of our minds is that, will he be a good president? I admit, I do not know. No one knows for sure for every presidentiable out there.

But I believe.


maia said...

Sulong G1BO!! We share the sameview and the same PRESIDENT. Check this out

mhy said...

Ganun talaga buhay sa Pinas eh, Popularity Contest... Kala nila StarStruck o PinoyPopSuperStar to.. o Pilipinas Got Talent... Ewan ko b yung may mga talent ang di binuboto.. yung popular lang... i hate dramatic and manggagamit na politicians... nanay, tatay, kapatid... anu pa ba...? baka after 10-20 years puro artista na ang govermnent.... buti pa c marcos umangat ang Pilipinas... naging corrupt lng yung asawa... dami kasi uto-uto sa pinas eh.... haizt... Hope he had balls to handle our country properly... para sakin ok lng c binay na vice... marami ding nagawa eh... walang malinis na politicians lahat sila yumayaman...