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I am now a Casual Gamer

Everything has been crazy lately and I am a bit overwhelmed about the changes in my life. I have come to realize that it's time to take real life things seriously from now on. Not that I have been fooling around, it's just that when it comes to my online life and real life, online life was the heaviest part of my life. On my online life, I was able to polish my talents in writing. During my online life, I was also able to overcome my shyness and became a bit more social than I used to be.

To make things short, my online life or my game life, has made me a better person. Now, my real life is becoming demanding and as much as I wanted to balance both my worlds, I have to sacrifice some things. One of the things I have to sacrifice is my online gaming. Don't get me wrong, my online gaming blog, The Gamedok Chronicles, will still be functional. I just have to give up some gaming time. I would not say quit because it will be unhealthy for me because it's the only place I can unwind and relax.

What is this post for? Well, it is to declare that from here on then that I am now a Casual Gamer. I diminish my Hardcore Gamer status because of real life priorities that needs more of my attention. By declaring this on my blog, I will be reminded that it's time to up my game if I wanted to become more exceptional.

You may ask, what about my online game friends? Basically, they are not my online friends at all. They are my friends in real life too and they will always be a part of it.

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