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Building Your Reputation Online: Investing on Your Future

Bulding up a reputation in real life is quite the same with your reputation online. It will define who you are what you do. Although there are other channels of online presence that will make you anonymous, the handle or nickname will still have that reputation. But I am not here to talk about reputations on anonymous nicknames. I am here to talk about Social Networking Reputation.

You might think that not caring for what other people thinks is cool but that's not the point. You should care. Why? Because this is your future. Did you know that some companies look at the facebook or social networking profiles for their decision making? Most of the companies are now adopting this kind of investigation to truly see what goes in the applicant's mind or what he is like IRL.

However, companies are not the only ones looking into your profiles. Other acquaintances that you hardly met will turn to social networking (like Facebook) to get to know you better. Would it be cool if they see that you are a distinguished person rather than a dumbass?

I'm not saying that you have to pretend or say nice things in facebook all the time. There are other ways of expressing oneself without looking like a total jerk. Explore those ways and build your reputation online. It is an investment to you future.

Where to start?
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Roops said...

Very Nice Blog

purencool said...

Yes your right it is not what you say is how you say it.