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The Day the Universe Taught Me A Lesson

Today was another peculiar day but it ended up great. Over the weeks, it has been gloomy as my grandmother was feeling a bit ill. She was quite afraid that she would be diagnosed with colon cancer because there were several irregularities in her waste disposal (ie. blood). Still, I assured her that we could not conclude anything until the results of her examination is out.

Today was her examination. She was admitted at the hospital yesterday for her examination preparation. After the results came out, we were all relieved that she did not have cancer at all. She is currently resting now and she will be back to normal after a while.

Anyway, that was the first part of my day. The second part would be my dilemma if I would ask my mom to buy me that DSLR camera I was aiming for. Last time I was given the chance but denied it because I got cold feet.

Now, my choice was made for me.

She does not want to buy my new camera anymore but instead offered me an alternative.


I don't know whether or not I would jump with joy. But deep inside I was happy. A new pc was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind last time that's why I got cold feet. I was thinking of my brothers because they don't have any PC at all and my old PC would be perfect for them. But I do not discount the fact that I became selfish for a moment there and still chose the DSLR camera in the end.

Nevertheless, it was a sign. I was grateful for that reality check. It was another lesson for me that life shouldn't be all about me. Even though everything has been going well for me, there are times that I have to share my blessings with some people too, especially my brothers.

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