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My Secret To A Happy Life

I have been telling people this for a long time, my secret to a happy life is to be positive. I know it is easier said than done but trust me, when you are doing it you will be on a roll. The positive side of life is really refreshing and a wonderful feeling. It's addicting but not destructive. I'll tell you my experience on it.

You see, I had a very bad teenage years and bad is just an understatement but I won't be concentrating on that and bawling on my sad life experiences. Let me give you the gist of it. I was emo. Mad at the world. Mad at my life. Mad at everything else. I was lonely, very lonely and I feel that nothing can comfort me. Even God.

However, everything turned around when I applied some simple but hard to do steps. First things, first. You have to learn to be lonely. Yes, you have to realize that being lonely is something that is a reality. If you can stand being alone then that is already 50% of your progress.

By learning to be lonely does not mean you wallow in self-pity. Learning to be lonely means you are OK when you are alone. But I am not saying that you should be alone all the time. Friends are a welcome addition to your life, as well as your family. But, we have to accept the fact that they may not be there always. Think about this, being alone is good, and having friends is better. However, do not lean too much on friends, you have to fend for your own from time to time. Leaning too much is very destructive because you are not the center of your friend's life. They have their own life to worry about too. :)

The next part that you have to practice is perhaps the hardest but relatively simple step. Staying positive. Yes, staying positive attracts positive outcomes. Although sometimes it really works differently for others. People are always asking me how I come off from being all mopy and emo. It's my outlook in life. Everything happens if you will it. You control your own life.

Sounds hard to believe does it? Have you ever looked back to all the bad things that happened to your life? What was your way of thinking? It happened the way you think it would right? If you will notice, you are very negative.

Thinking positive is a struggle because our environment is full of negativity. Even I have been struggling with this but there is a great improvement in me. But trust me, if you practice it you will have nice results. I have been applying this in the entirety of my life but I have never really realized its full potential until recently. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you will simply be amazed how coincidental and funny how things happen into your favor if you will it.

So to sum it up, my secret to a happy life is learning to be lonely and staying positive all the time. If you have some questions regarding this, just use and I will try my best to expound my points.

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