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Why I would make a Terrible "Bad Guy?"

I love villains.

Having said that. I sometimes side with villains if their reasoning is logically sound and it would seem the only way to execute it is by doing something of a lesser evil. I sometimes side with villains when the protagonist is somewhat sappy and sickeningly emotional. But there are other shallow reasons why I would pick a villain, like for example, the aesthetic appeal whereas the costume is bad ass and awesome while the protagonist looks tame and unappealing. More from this after the jump....

Even though I am a villain guy, I sometimes wish that villains will be the one changing things and they won’t die and actually do something good. However, there are limitations on villains I like. I like ‘em sophisticated, smart, and with a hint of badass-ery. Still, they can’t all be perfect.

There are instances that I wanted to be the bad guy in some games. I want to be badass BUT…

I easily pity people.

For some reason I have this damn conscience that’s keeping me from making decisions that will hurt someone. And yes, that’s the only thing that is keeping me from being an asshole.

Even in games.

You know the first time I played some RPG games, I was actually hesitant on killing something or someone. For example, in some RPG I played, I need to cut my way through enemy soldiers in order to push through. I would sometimes, hesitate in doing the killing because certain back stories came into mind.

What about their family? What if they have a loved one waiting for them to arrive? Surely, they can’t all be evil. How would I know in the mass of these supposedly bad men, some good guy might be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Unfortunately, in order to push through the story that I wanted, I need to defeat them.

Loved making back stories on henchmen, but such things made me progress the game a little bit slower.

But yeah, some toughness sneaks through but only if it was absolutely logically necessary.

Even at real life.

The only thing wrong in letting out some toughness is that it sticks to people and making them think that such attitude is the only way I act. Sometimes, I find it beneficial but oftentimes it gets me thinking.

Do they really think that I’m this asshole that is that’s why they show respect or they show respect because I am actually really respectable?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, If I were to decide whether someone lives or dies in a fantasy world I created, I am 90% sure that I will show mercy. Then again, that 10% is still there.

Can’t follow my train of thought? Uh, sorry.

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