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Best Summer Ever!

I know I have been on a high lately. Everything is falling into place and so far I am so happy that I am blessed. This summer was no exception. When I said in my tweets that this year was all about family, I was not lying. This summer really revved up and I feel as though it was the highlight of my year so far. More, after the jump!

April is not really the month it all started. I got my Xbox 360 on April and simply played my way through the whole month. When my brother visited me in Davao, we had fun playing with the Xbox. Well, that is pretty much the highlight of that month.

Enter the month of May where my some of my high school classmates and I went to Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Digos. That was the start of the journey and boy it really did kick start it as I went to an adventure that I never experienced before. I walked 700 meters uphill. There was a moment where it felt like I was in the Amazing Race and I'm on the verge of giving up. However, with my classmates supporting me all the way, I made it through. You might say that 700 meters is nothing but it is really something for me because I am not really an outdoors person. Our overnight stay there was a blast.

Going up! Whew!

Second was my trip to Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, and Marawi City. I sure did meet a lot of relatives that time because I was just in time for the largest reunion ever. It was most fun as it felt like an organization event. There were lots of games and presentations and everything was colorful and festive. My uncle sure knows how to throw a massive reunion. Whew. My biological father was also there in Marawi and I met all my siblings from his side. I also had the most wonderful time with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I really feel I belong there because of their warm hospitality. As I left Marawi City for my flight, I was on the verge of tears but held it because I know I will be able to see them again soon.

Yes, that's a Grand Reunion alright

My Cousins, Father side

After a wonderful journey to my father's side of the family, it's time to go to my mother's side of the family. Too bad that some of my aunts and uncles were not able to join us due to some conflicts but we managed to have fun. You see, our family will be the one hosting the reunion of Tuazons. The reunion was loads of enjoyment. I even sang! Thank goodness the heavens were not enraged by keeping the weather clear. I also learned a lot in the reunion by knowing some relatives I have never known. For example, did you know that President Arroyo was actually one of our relatives? I was shocked by this as well. Anyway, the reunion was tiring but really enjoyable.

My Cousins, Mother side

So after going through with my real life family. I went to manila to meet a different kind of family. I met with some of my clan mates from my Perfect world days. Back then, I was in a depressing state in life and they were always there. We went to dungeons, wars, and even political disputes (in-game ofcourse) together. For three solid years, Clan Exiled of Perfect World's Tiger Server is still there, staying strong. This year might be the year where... might as well not jinx it. This clan held me up. Through thick and thin, I stayed sane. Heh.

Honor. Strength. Unity.

But Manila is not the end of it. The icing on the cake is here on Davao where I spent time with my buddy, Bill. We went to the newly opened mall, Abreeza and simply just walked around and talked about what happened during the summer. We also talked about things that we are planning to do during school days but I'm sure that it will all be changed because sometimes it's better to do things unplanned.

It's fun that way... sometimes. Heh.

So that's it. My summer. Best. Ever.

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