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The Legarda Debacle

A couple of bloggers got invited by the group of Senatorial Candidate Loren Legarda. Since she is an advocate of the environment, we prepared several serious questions. I was never a political person to begin with but since she's a smart lady, I was challenged to formulate questions ranging from national issues to local issues. Especially on the issue of the Sabah Standoff and the plan to put a 7 kilometere stairway to Mount Apo.

We were called to go to the venue at 3:30pm. Several minutes before the actual determined time of meeting, the organizer (one of Legarda's volunteers named Gretchen) said that the meeting was moved to 5:00pm. That touched a nerved on me. The move was so sudden. This Gretchen person referred me to another volunteer named Ana. This Ana person texted me and told me that they are getting a bit late because they weren't allowed to leave early in the General Santos. She blamed President Aquino for speaking too long. 

She moved the time to 6:00pm which irritated me more. What's more annoying is the line of reasoning I was presented with. She said, in this manner, that we should already know by now that politicians do not really keep their schedules. 

Bless her soul, this Ana. First of all, they were the ones who invited us. Don't tell me that incompetence runs through their staff by not anticipating delays. 

Bloggers are not media people that are paid to write. Most of us, if not all, simply just love to write and we have lives to live besides blogging. Bloggers, Davao Bloggers in particular, goes to a venue 15 to 30 minutes before the actual time because our Filipino time is always on time. If your candidate was late, you simply apologize and own up to it. Don't simply apologize and reason out that you are not at fault. Because frankly, that is just annoying. 

This story goes on until 6:45pm where there was no sign of a representative or the good Senator.

We told another person named Donna (since we were referred to, AGAIN) that 6:45pm was the last straw because she called and there was another REASON that she will be late because of something and blamed Ana Mae for being unable to notify her early to meet us. 

We are not special. We are not asking for special attention. What we are asking is to be treated with respect. In the first place, Legarda's group invited us and not the other way around. 

There is always a first time for everything. And yes, if you're wondering, this was the first time this whole thing happened. So no, Ana Mae, we don't know that politicians do this because as far as I know, we were treated with respect. 

Let me be clear, we weren't insulted that the Senator stood us up. What annoyed the hell out of me are the reasons by their supposedly "competent" staff as to why we were stood up  and did not simply just cancel the meet instead of waiting for almost 3 hours. Stop with the damn blame games. 

To Gretchen, Ana Mae, and Donna. Please quit. You'll just ruin your candidate's name. 

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